Around the world, people struggle to relax and fall asleep.

For chronic pain sufferers, constant pain and fatigue can make the simple act of getting to bed a rather stressful experience.

However, when trying to get to sleep, having a relaxed body and mind is extremely important.

So what techniques are available to ease you into sleep and when should you put them into practice? Here are 5 different options you can try:

1. Be organised:
Human beings are creatures of habit. In order to be able to relax properly, you need to create a sleep routine which you will be executing every evening around the same time with absolutely no excuse not to do it. The reason why developing a sleep routine is important is that your body will start to “know” when it should start relaxing and getting ready for bed.

2. Keep warm:
Having a warm bath or shower is great if you want to unwind but it is also a smart way to ease your body into getting to bed, as once it cools down, your body reaches optimum temperature to get to sleep. If you are running out of time before bed, foot soaks with warm water and essential oils such as lavender or peppermint are great.

3. Have a treat (within reason):
By treat, I of course, mean something healthy(ish): a glass of warm milk or oat drink and a small cube of dark chocolate or perhaps your favourite biscuit with your cup of herbal tea. Be creative with your treat as long as it does not make you feel guilty (and therefore stressed afterwards).

4. Ditch the screens:
Your body will not produce enough melatonin (sleep hormone) to help you sleep if your brain is stimulated by white lights. Make sure you stop using your phone, tablet, laptop etc at least an hour before bed. A good book and some soothing music will be a far better option.