1. Find the cause

Once you know what is the root of your stress, you can take steps to manage it and reduce it. A common cause of stress is having an excessive workload.

2. Get support

Sharing your problems and spending time with family or friends will help you to alleviate some stress. The people who care about you want to be able to help you. 

3. Change thought patterns

How we feel is determined by how we think. By managing our thoughts we can avoid exaggerating a small problem or mistake and worrying ourselves when we shouldn’t.

4. Exercise

Exercise helps you to blow off steam. Loose muscles are at a lower risk of becoming tight and painful due to stress. Be careful not to put yourself under too much pressure here as you are at risk of injury if you over work your muscles. 

5. Eat well

Eating a healthy diet, low in alcohol, caffeine and sugar will make you feel healthier and reduce stress. Avoid junk food and foods using refined sugars as these are low in nutritional value but high in calories, leaving you feeling sluggish and without energy.

6. Sleep

Stress makes us toss and turn in the night, affecting how much sleep we manage to get. Our brains won’t switch off, leading us to lie awake for hours a night. Not only does it stop us from getting enough sleep, it affects the quality of the shut-eye we do get.

A poor night’s sleep can leave you agitated and short tempered. Getting a good night’s sleep prepares you to tackle stress more efficiently.

Being stressed can increase our chances of developing insomnia. Not only can it affect the amount of sleep and the quality, but it can stop us from sleeping at all some nights by sending our brains in to overdrive, especially if we are a victim of ongoing stress. When we are overly worried, our sympathetic nervous system doesn’t shut down so we cannot switch to the calmer parasympathetic nervous system, causing our brains to remain hyperactive and leaving us wide awake.

If you struggle to sleep at night, your bed may be another culprit. Old mattresses won’t give you the support and comfort you need in order to get a restful sleep, and may lead you to wake up feeling groggy and stressed. If your partner is managing to get a good sleep, the bed may be suited to them, but not to you.

At Tweak Slumber, we offer a no compromise solution to sleep. Everybody is individual and has their own preferences, so we make bespoke mattresses that can be changed depending on circumstances. Both sides of our mattresses work independently so whatever your needs, you can both get the good night's sleep you deserve.