For anyone struggling for ideas on how to make this Valentine’s Day special - without being a total cliché, here’s our top tips to help you and your better half fall in love with sleep again.


Ok so this one is a cliché, but who doesn’t appreciate chocolate? Make sure you get enough to share it together - that way you’re both being naughty. Dark chocolate is best as it contains serotonin to help relax you. Milk chocolate contains dopamine which stimulates us and disturbs sleep. Don’t forget the bottle of champagne and strawberries.

Book the day off

Plan the ultimate lazy day. Prepare breakfast in bed, pick out a selection of your favourite films, order a takeout for dinner and relax! Spend some quality time together with no interruptions and chat like you’re getting to know each other all over again.

Cosy bedtime clothes

Treat your other half to some new pyjamas or loungewear. They’ll certainly thank you for it as you snuggle up together to watch a romantic film. Go all out and throw in some slippers and a dressing gown to make them feel extra special.

Treat yourselves to a new bed

There’s no better feeling than climbing in to a bed made with fresh new sheets. Find a mattress that is perfect for both of you and you’ll both feel special not only on Valentine’s Day but for years to come.

Do you compromise on your sleep?

Your partner may be the one, but that doesn’t mean your mattress is. Finding a mattress that the both of you can get the perfect night’s sleep on can seem an impossible task when you both have different preferences. That’s why we created DUO. The most innovative split-comfort couples mattress that allows you to bespoke your mattress to your exact needs. Choose your preferred comfort level for your own side of the bed and fall in love with sleep again.


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