If you have family and friends coming to stay with you over the Christmas period, there’s a few things you can do to ensure they get the best night’s sleep possible away from their own home.

Clear the clutter.

If your spare room is a storage ground for all the extra things you can’t fit elsewhere, get some boxes and hide away the mess. Don’t expect your guests to get a good night’s sleep amongst your old clothes you’ve not taken to the charity shop yet.

Make it cosy.

Make sure you put on crisp, clean sheets and have enough pillows. Extra blankets are also a good idea in the winter, if you want to go the extra mile, why not give them a hot water bottle and some bed socks so they can get the ultimate cosy sleep.

Make it festive.

It’s important to allow for the room to be as dark as possible when your guests are trying to sleep, however add some festive touches such as fairy lights around the mirror or a Christmas stocking on the end of the bed to add a festive sparkle to their room.

Make it a sanctuary.

Create the perfect sleeping environment by adding some lavender scented candles and room sprays to help your guests drift off to sleep. Leave a lavender slumber gel and eye masks on the bedside table or in the stocking as an extra gift for your special guests.

Test the room yourself.

Before your guests arrive, spend a night in the room yourself. If it’s good enough for you to sleep in, it will be good enough for them. Make sure it’s comfy, cosy, dark enough and quiet enough.