If you have pets, you’ll know how much they can help with your chronic pain. 

Pet therapy has been proven to reduce stress and lower blood pressure, as well as decreasing loneliness and depression. Playing and snuggling up with your pet increases the serotonin and dopamine levels in your brain, so you feel more relaxed and content.

Pets give purpose

A study in 2009 found that Arthritis sufferers who received pet therapy reported less joint pain than those who didn’t have pets to play with. There’s many other reasons why having a pet can help you. Just like having children, they give you a reason to get up in the morning. If you feel you have a purpose (to care for your pet) you are much more likely to want to get out of bed and get on with the day.

If you are living with a chronic pain condition, you may not be able to work, leaving you at home every day with little human interaction. That’s where your pets come in. A cuddly, playful cat or dog (or any animal!) will show you affection and love and reduce your feeling of loneliness.

Pets shift your focus from pain

Getting outside in the fresh air and walking your dog, even if it’s painful, helps you to keep yourself active. Getting exercise is known to be an anti-depressant, so this can also help with feelings of anxiety. Having a pet gives you something to focus on, which removes some of your focus from your pain.

As long as you are able to care for your pets, either with the help of a partner or family member, or on your own, you will see the benefits of having a companion to help you through tough days.

What about pets and sleep?

Living with chronic pain can also leave you with very little sleep, but what’s better a way to drift off to sleep than with the soothing sounds of a purring cat?

Obviously, having a pet doesn't necessarily mean you’re going to sleep better, but having the right mattress to sleep on might. At Tweak Slumber we want to help pain sufferers to get a better night’s sleep. Our Nrem mattress is a completely customisable solution, allowing you to place different densities of foam where you need support and comfort most. For more information on the Nrem mattress please click here.

If you don’t have a pet already, you may want to put one on your christmas list!