Since 1990, the month of March has been dedicated to raising awareness of the importance of sleep, and how it affects our health. This year, National Bed Month is focussing on why old beds are bad for us and the importance of replacing our bed every 7 years.

Over 7 years, we spend over 20,000 hours in bed. That’s over 850 days and almost 2 and a half years. During this time, the materials used in our bed can deteriorate by as much as 60-70%.

Eye opening facts about your old mattress

Each night, we lose half a pint of fluid. We also shed a pound of dead skin cells in a year. Our mattress absorbs and harbours anything that comes in to contact with it, so we’re actually sleeping on a delightful concoction of bodily fluids and dead skin.

Moisture from the fluid, and the build up of dead skin makes a perfect breeding ground for dust-mites. An uncomfortable thought for anyone, but even worse for allergy sufferers whose health can be seriously affected by the pesky little mites.

An old mattress won’t give you the support your body requires. It’s also unlikely it will be very comfortable. Have you ever stayed in a hotel of friends and had a great night’s sleep in comparison to what you’re used to? It’s probably because their mattress is better and newer than yours.

Old beds are likely to be small. The norm for couples was once a standard double bed, but this only gives each sleeper as much space as a baby in a cot. If you’re thinking about a new bed, make sure you get the biggest one you can fit in the bedroom for the most relaxing, undisturbed sleep.

An old, worn mattress can actually cause back pain. More than 100 million working days are lost each year due to back related problems, but 63% of people reported an improvement in their back pain after just 1 night on a new mattress.

Put your bed through an MOT

If you’re not getting your perfect night’s sleep, it might be time to invest in a new mattress, and what better time to take the plunge than National Bed Month?

Answer a few simple questions to determine whether your old mattress is the culprit of your poor sleep.