1 in 6 couples regularly sleep in separate beds. There’s plenty of reasons from snoring, illness, work schedules and sleeping patterns, to disagreements on what’s comfortable or the room temperature.

A whopping 50% of sleep disturbance is caused by sharing a bed. More specifically, one of the biggest reasons is different comfort preferences between couples.

More and more people are sleeping apart to save their sleep, but their relationships suffer as a result.


Put the love back in to your bedroom this Valentine’s Day

There’s no better way to end your Valentine’s evening than climbing in to bed and getting cosy together, but the relaxing is short lived when your other half is banished to the spare room to sleep.

When couples share a bed together, all too often, one person compromises on their comfort for the satisfaction of their partner… What if I told you, there’s no longer a need to compromise? You can both have your ideal comfort, without the need for separate beds.

If you like to sink in to a soft, cushioned cloud, but your partner prefers to lay on a firm, supportive mattress, you shouldn’t have to meet in the middle or sacrifice your comfort for theirs.

A mattress comfort level is a completely personal preference, and everybody is different. If you both happen to favour the same firmness rating, lucky you! If however, like most couples, you have different preferences, keep reading!


Meet DUO: The Couples Mattress

We know that finding a partner with the same needs is extremely rare, so we created the world’s first customisable mattress that allows each side of the bed to have a different comfort level.

We use a unique hybrid of up to 2000 pocket springs, and responsive reflex foam in your personal choice of soft, medium or firm. The pocket springs give plenty of support and bounce, whilst the reflex foam adds a personal touch of comfort that’s just right for you. We also include a 40mm ‘Viscoool’ comfort layer which helps to regulate body temperature whilst providing pressure relief for your most refreshing, comfortable night’s sleep.


Top tips for bed sharing

  • Nobody likes a duvet hog

Buy a duvet that’s bigger than your bed, that way there’s plenty to share. You can even find ‘His and Hers’ duvets with different tog ratings on each side, so if you prefer to be cocooned in a warm hug whilst your partner likes a light blanket draped over, you both win at sleep.

  • Bigger is definitely better when it comes to the bedroom

Did you know a standard double mattress only gives you each as much room as a baby in a cot? If you don’t want to spend the night sleeping like magnets, invest in the biggest bed you can fit in the room, so you can both have your own space.

  • Your partner should be the last thing you look at - not your phone!

Turn off the TV and any gadgets at least 1 hour before you bed down for the night. Your body needs time to relax before sleep, and the blue light emitted from these devices will trick your brain in to thinking it’s day time.

  • Never compromise on your comfort

You both deserve your perfect night’s sleep, so don’t settle for a sub-par mattress. Trial the DUO for 100 nights with free delivery and free returns if you don’t fall back in love with your sleep.

See the DUO mattress here 


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