The idea of sharing a bed with your partner is usually much more attractive than the reality of it. Not only do our sleeping positions play a big part in the quality of our sleep (and relationships!), but sleep habits can drive us insane. Almost one third of people have reported that they are regularly disrupted by their partner's annoying sleep habits - and most say snoring is the biggest culprit.

Here’s our top 8 most annoying sleep habits:

The Snorer

The sound of a lawnmower in your ear can make it difficult to fall asleep, but instead of opting for the sofa, try some earplugs. If your partners’ snoring wakes you up try rolling them on to their side - it should help.

The Radiator

In the cold winter months it’s pretty good to have a giant hot water bottle to snuggle up to, but being a natural heat source has its downside - Summer! When sticking your leg out of the covers isn’t enough to cool down.

The Sleep Talker

The first few times this happens you’ll giggle to yourself and remind your other half in the morning of the gibberish they were talking. Being woken up constantly however, not so funny anymore is it.

The Starfish

When you’re clinging on to the sheets to stop yourself from falling out, but your other half is comfortably star fishing the bed, this is not okay. There’s 2 sides to a mattress, so stick to your own!

The Racehorse

If you drink litres of water before bed, don’t expect to sleep a full night without a toilet break. And navigating your way through the obstacle course to the bathroom in the dark  - you’re bound to knock something over and wake up your other half.

The Duvet Stealer

We all like to cocoon ourselves inside the duvet, but realistically only one person can fit inside that snuggly little haven - leaving your partner shivering on the outside and plotting their revenge against you.

The Twitcher

Ever watched a dog trying to run whilst dreaming? It’s not so cute when it’s your other half jerking every 10 seconds whilst you’re trying your best to get to sleep - especially if your mattress means you feel their every move.

The Night Owl

You’ve got to be up early for work and are desperate to get to sleep at a reasonable time, but your partner has other ideas. Watching TV or Youtube videos, keeping the lights on to read or general noise\light disturbance is preventing you from getting a good night’s sleep.

Fidgeting, kicking, duvet stealing and snoring. It’s all part of a relationship (once the ‘honeymoon’ period is over and you’re no longer sleeping like magnets). Although these habits are extremely annoying, it’s unfair to always blame your sleep deprivation on your partner.

We believe that nobody should have to compromise on sleep. That’s why we created the DUO mattress for couples. It’s a revolutionary ‘split-comfort’ design that means you and your partner can each choose your own firmness level for your side of the bed, meaning you can both get just the right amount of sink and bounce to suit your individual needs.

Don’t just love your partner - love your sleep.