Meet Karley, a back pain and sciatica sufferer who has been getting a better night’s sleep on her Nrem Mattress for 6 months.


Karley shares her bed with her partner, who doesn’t experience any pain. To get a feel for the mattress, they decided to try it out for a few nights using the lower back pain set up. The Nrem is delivered as standard with the set up designed to help lower back pain - this is a good starting point that provides softer comfort for hips but firmer support beneath the back and legs which helps to maintain a good posture whilst sleeping by aligning the spine correctly.


Regular mattress vs. Nrem mattress

After just a few days of testing, Karley’s partner improved his sleep and decided to keep the foam inserts in the lower back pain formation. Karley found that she needed something a little firmer to ease the pain in her back. In just a few minutes, the foam inserts were rearranged on her side of the mattress in to what is now Karley’s perfect setup from head to toe: Firm - Medium - Soft - Firm - Medium.


Here’s what Karley had to say about her Nrem:

“It has most definitely given us both a better night’s sleep. It’s eased my pain loads, I didn’t realise how much my bed affected my back until I used the Nrem Mattress. The best purchase I have made in years.”


Under the 100 night trial period, Karley requested 2 additional firm inserts to help with her back pain. If you find you can’t achieve your ideal setup with the inserts included, just let us know and we will happily send you up to 4, completely free of charge within the first 100 nights, so you can find your perfect setup for your best night’s sleep.

The foam inserts are also available to purchase on our website so you can always change your mattress to suit your lifestyle changes and keep it in the best condition for many years to come.

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