Have you ever wondered what your sleep set-up says about your relationship with your better half? From magnets to logs, find out what your position means.


1. Classic Spoon

Spooning position

This one tends to be a novelty that’s somewhat short-lived. Most relationships start with the spoon, but not many stick with it. Nobody wants a dead arm and a mouthful of hair.


2. Magnets

magnet sleeping position

Being in a new relationship is exciting and you want to be as close as possible to your partner. Getting your arms and legs intertwined however does not sound very comfortable. This could also mean your partner is too dependent which can lead to trouble down the line. If you want a decent night’s sleep, avoid the magnet.


3. Starfish

starfish sleeping positionIf you’re selfish enough to starfish the bed and leave little to no room for your partner, it might be a sign of imbalance or neglect in the relationship. Stop hogging the bed and let your partner enjoy their sleep too.


4. Logs

sleeping like a logSleeping side-by-side without the need to touch demonstrates trust, independence, security and a relationship that is fair. This one’s the most popular for couples, which shows there’s lots of happy relationships out there!


5. Back2Back

back2back sleepingThis one strikes a balance between individual comfort and intimacy between you and your partner. One quarter of British couples chose this as their preferred position - not quite as popular as the logs but nevertheless a good choice.


6. Top ’N’ Tail

top n tail sleepingYou may as well be in separate beds with this one. It’s a warning sign of an unhealthy relationship and should be addressed immediately!


Nobody should have to compromise on sleep (even when your partner has the most annoying sleep habits). If you want your other half to stick to their own side of the bed, a bespoke couples mattress could be just what you need. The DUO mattress is the perfect gift for the one you love - with a split firmness rating that lets you both choose the comfort that suits you. 

Couples who sleep well together, stay together.