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Nrem Mattress

Tried and tested on pain sufferers, each side of the Nrem is divided in to 5 zones. Both sleepers can make each zone softer or firmer, depending on personal preferences.

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The Nrem Mattress

  • Better sleep for pain sufferers
  • 10 individual foam inserts from super soft to firm
  • Create your own unique sleep set-up
  • If your needs change, so does your mattress

DUO Mattress

For couples who like different firmness levels, each side of DUO can be customised to your chosen comfort, so you can sink in to a cloud whilst your partner gets plenty of firm support.

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The DUO Mattress

  • No compromise sleep for couples
  • Choose a different comfort level for each side
  • Seamlessly split down the middle with no zip-and-link
  • Tweak your comfort level at any time

What makes us different?

The customisable layer sets us apart from any other mattresses. We understand that everybody is different and we all have different requirements from a mattress, so you shouldn't have to settle for a one-comfort-fits-all. 

Not only can you choose a different comfort level to your partner, you can change it at any time and even tailor your mattress to each area of your body.

Both mattresses are made up of 1,000 pocket springs providing a supportive base as well as a super soft, cooling comfort layer on top for a refreshing night's sleep.


I have back pain, which mattress should I choose?

If you experience any pain, we recommend you try the Nrem mattress as it is specific to every part of your body. The Nrem has been tried and tested on pain sufferers with 94% of testers reporting improved sleep after just 1 night!

How do I know which comfort level to choose?

Choosing your comfort is very personal. What feels soft to you may feel firm to someone else. As a general guide, side sleepers who are petite may prefer a super soft foam whereas back sleepers would benefit from a firmer feel. We're always on hand to give advice, please call us on 0333 003 3352 to discuss your personal requirements.

Can I test the mattress?

We offer a 100 night money back guarantee with all mattresses. You can always 'tweak' your comfort levels at any time to find the one that works best for you, but if you decide the mattress isn't right, just let us know and we will collect it and issue a full refund.